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Crozier Parent Education

The single greatest influence in student achievement is the parent. Children whose parents are active in their child’s education are generally more successful and have fewer behavior problems.  Parents, who carefully check their child’s homework for completeness and correctness, are more knowledgeable about what their child is learning.  Crozier Middle School urges all parents to take an active role in their child’s education.


At the beginning of the school year, parents should meet with every teacher involved with their child’s education.  Know what is expected of the child and the parent.  Know what the parent can do at home to support the education of the child.  Know what will be taught throughout the year and be prepared to help your child understand the new material.


You can see what your child is required to know to pass his/her grade level at

Parent/Community Volunteers
Parent and community volunteers support children in many ways. Whether volunteering in the classroom, supervising the playground, serving on school committees, or donating valuable resources and expertise, volunteers are an important part of daily life in IUSD schools. Each year, recognition ceremonies are held both at the school and district levels to honor the important contributions of school volunteers and donors. To find out how you can become a volunteer and make a difference in the lives of IUSD children, please contact your school.

Mentorship Program
Several Inglewood schools offer mentorship programs in which students are paired with adult volunteers from the professional community. I, IUSD launched a district-wide mentorship program for high school seniors. Mentors provide guidance to students during their transition from high school to universities, technical schools, or careers. Interested students should ask their counselors about the program. To become a mentor, please contact the Inglewood USD (310) 419-2700.

Parent-Teacher Assoc. (PTA/PTSA)
The Inglewood Council Parent Teacher Association has become more active in IUSD schools in recent years, with six new chapters starting since its 2005 expansion drive. The PTA and PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) school site units support student achievement and school life by hosting fundraisers for school equipment and supplies, sponsoring student activities, supporting teachers, and working as legislative advocates for children. Please contact your school for information about how to join the PTA or start a unit at your school.

School Advisory Committees
IUSD parents and community members can play an important part in school and district-level leadership by becoming members of advisory committees ranging from the Gifted and Talented (GATE) Advisory Committee, School Site Council (SSC), School Advisory Council (SAC), District Advisory Council (DAC), English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), and District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC) to the Career Technical Advisory Committee, Nutrition Program Alliance, Head Start advisory committee, and Measure K Citizens’ Oversight Committee, to name a few.

Parent Classes / Workshops
IUSD schools offer a variety of parent classes and workshops. For example, many schools offer PESA (Parent Expectations Student Achievement) classes, which teach parents how to help their children achieve in school. Other classes are designed to show non-English-speaking parents how to best support their children. In many cases, parent classes are tailored to meet the needs of each individual school.

Adopt A School Partnerships
The Adopt-A-School program helps unite schools with volunteers, businesses, service clubs, corporate neighbors, and individuals who “adopt” them by committing to a wide range of projects and services. Each adoption is individualized and can take the form of financial support, volunteering, shared expertise, or physical resources. It might mean sponsoring teacher appreciation days, providing after-school programs, setting up internships, or assisting students with resume writing, interviewing, and other job-related skills, to name a few.

the Adopt-A-School program now has over 170 members. The Inglewood Area Ministers Association plays a very important role, with thirty-five Inglewood area churches coordinating a variety of educational activities with school staff. For information on how to support local educational programs for children by becoming a school adopter, please contact the Inglewood USD (310) 419-2700.