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Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture, educate, and graduate students who are self-responsible and self-disciplined; who are critical and creative thinkers; who master the core academic disciplines; and who are advocates for equity and social justice for self and their community

Principal's Message

Message from the Principal…

Welcome to Crozier Middle School.  Our mission is to provide a safe environment in which all students are academically strong, compassionate, socially and culturally conscious, self-confident citizens, through a challenging academic curriculum with an emphasis on innovative instructional techniques including new paradigms, enhanced by student and staff commitment and responsibility, parental involvement and business partnerships.

The upcoming school year will be exciting, challenging, rewarding and a successful one academically and athletically for the students, staff, and parents of Crozier Middle School, “Home of the Bulldogs”.  We as faculty will be successful with improving the school’s curriculum program, test scores, student academic performance, staff performance, parental involvement and community relations, and this year.

Students who graduate from Crozier Middle School will be 

Self-directed learners, who are able to demonstrate self-motivation, self-discipline, and responsibility to accomplish achievable goals.

Effective communicators, who are able to read, write, speak and listen reflectively and critically with a sense of purpose within a group and to an audience; as well as use technology effectively as a communication tool.

Productive and collaborative workers, who take pride in participating successfully and equitably in group projects, and use effective leadership and group skills with problem-solving and critical thinking strategies to solve everyday problems.

Contributing members of society, who understand, accept and respect the value of diverse viewpoints, beliefs, and cultures, which will enable them to make informed, responsible decisions.

It is extremely important that the expectations set by parents and the school are recognized in order for our students to be successful.  This handbook has been prepared for students and parents to assist with clarification of expectations, school procedures and policies. Let us have an outstanding and successful year by sharing our resources and staying focused on students, our school mission and the expected school-wide learning results.
Mrs. Sylvia Branch, Principal


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