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Student Athletics & Activities

The mission of the athletic programs of Crozier Middle School outlined is to provide student-athletes with competitive opportunities in interscholastic sports.  It is our goal that each student-athlete will learn and demonstrate the lifelong values of leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and integrity.

Student Athletics

Athletic Eligibility

  1.  Crozier Middle School follows the guidelines established by the CIF Blue Book.  Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 for the previous grading period to remain eligible.  Students, who fall below a 2.0 GPA, are placed on probation for one quarter. Additionally, athletes must meet the Crozier Middle School eligibility requirement of not receiving a grade of “F” in any subject.
  2. Students must exhibit satisfactory citizenship and conduct on and off the field.  Students who do not exhibit satisfactory citizenship may be excluded from athletic events, in addition to consequences at school.
  3. Students must be observing all regulations outlined in the current edition of the CIF Blue Book.
  4. Students must pass a physical examination given by a medical doctor.
  5. Students must carry adequate insurance.

School Activities

Exclusion from Social/Extra-curricular Activities:

Any student can be excluded from social activities for academic or behavioral reasons.  A student will be excluded from a field trip for the following reasons:

  • Receiving a referral within five days of a field trip or social activity
  • Receiving a suspension within fifteen days of a field trip or social activity